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A group of enthusiastic young adults from the Sorell community took on the task of developing an awareness campaign around the topic of Road Safety.


After an intensive research period and idea development phase, the group decided to tackle the issue of police evasion in their community.


DNT RUN is the name of the awareness campaign. The artwork has been inspired by the old-school Hip Hop band RUN DMC. The main reason the group has decided to create a campaign around evading the police is that some team members have been personally affected by incidents that occurred in the Sorell community.


"If we only save one life we're doing the right thing” is the group's statement. The key message of the campaign is to focus on the most important things to do when the police request a car to stop.

Safer in the long run

Empowering Youth Initiative

This campaign has been developed as part of the 18-week Backswing program. Backswing is an Empowering Youth Initiative provided by Colony 47 to Southern Tasmania and is funded by the Australian Government.


The team appreciates the support they received from the following organisations: Department of State Growth, RACT, Sorell Council, South East Trade Training Centre, Tasmania Police, Tourism Tasmania

For more information on the groups research please visit the website developed by participant Samuel Andrew.